Cleaning your spills quick and easy now is possible with polypropylene Oil Only Pads and Mats they absorb liquid hydrocarbons as well, can be used as cleaning rags in maintenance workshops, or to recover oil floating in water in a selective way, and directly on oily spills in hard to reach places.

These Oil only pads and mats can be placed under oil or fuel drums in warehouses avoiding slippery floors. Mats and pads are a great solution for many problems. Easy and neat cleaning of machinery, hoses, tools and more. It`s recommended to dispose of this waste by thermal destruction and get heat power in the process.


- Allow you to clean selectively liquid hydrocarbons and other oily liquids from water.

- They repel water and any aqueous solution water based.

- They have capacity of absorbing up to 10 times their weight of liquid hydrocarbons.

- They provide the advantage of decreasing waste generation volume.

- Easy cleaning of machines, hoses and tools. Dispose of waste in approved kilns for thermal destruction.


Multi-layer Mats, 45x60 cm, case w/20 pc.

Pads 1/16" thick, 15x19 inch., case w/150 pc.