Loose absorbent granules GREEN STUFF® are good for most of spills. Nothing compares with its absorption speed and physical characteristics of these granules. Recommended for using it in closed areas where wind doesn’t blow. It absorbs instantly when applied on the spill directly. These granules will keep clean your working place, besides, decreases dramatically your waste generation saving time and Money in handling and disposing of the waste.


- Multipurpose absorbent, it absorbs all kind of oils, chemicals, painting, water solutions of salts, and many more.

- It has great absorption capacity (10-15 times its own weight) due to its cells designed to hold liquids and fast absorbent performance.

- It’s a non-toxic plastic and totally inert to bacteria, fungus and most of chemicals and grounds.

- It’s not flammable and allows you to store it safely. But at high temperatures above 400 Celsius it will burn without flame.

- Its light weight allows you to carry only 10 lb for cleaning 100 liters of liquids spilled.

- Easy to dispose of in landfills, special confinements because it resists biodegradation or incineration because you get up to 12000 BTU’s per lb of absorbent when incinerated.


250 Grs.

Bag w/250 grs of granules. Item code GMT005. Perfect for small spills, like labs, workshops or your garaje. It absorbs 2.5 liters, carton with 25 pc.

2.5 Kg.

Bag w/2.5 kg. of granules. Item code GMT001. Perfect for medium size spills, like machinery industry, lub operations, chemicals handling, damaged drums spills, and more. It absorbs 25 liters , carton with 3 pc.

6 Kg.

Bags with 6 kg. of loose granules, item code GMT007, good for a 90 liters spill cleaning it at once, place it near unloading ramps or where potential big spills may occur.

15 Kg.

Box containing 15 kg  of loose granules ,ítem code GMT272,  good for working with it in places where spills happen often , makes un-necessary to open several bags in a shift. Absorbs up to 40 gal.