Absorbent socks or barriers, they will keep your traffic  aisles clean, no slippery surfaces to walk on, cleaner and safer work environment, they absorb up  to 15 times their dry weight of middle viscosity liquids such as oils, chemicals, solvents, fuels and aqueous solutions of salts. Available in three sizes that fit your machines or hard to clean spots.


- These are sleeves filled with multipurpose absorbent foam crushed, they absorb all kind of oils, chemicals, painting, water solutions of salts, and many more. The sleeves are 3” diameter and made of a very porous polypropylene fabric resistant to almost all chemicals.

- Several sizes allow covering all your needs in plant, roud perimeter of machinery or aisles avoiding the spread of the liquids.

- Several sizes that fit your needs of machine perimeter outline or aisles delineation.

- High absorption capacity that allows containing more and better the spills.

- Light weighted.

- Easy to dispose of in landfills or specially built confinements, because it resists biodegradation or incineration because you get up to 12000 BTU’s per lb of absorbent when incinerated.


Four feet sock/3” diam. Box with 16 pieces. Item code GMT100.

Ten feet sock/3” diam. Box with 6 pieces. Item code GMT102.

Twenty feet sock/3” diam. Box with 3 pieces. Item code GMT104.