Green Stuff Absorbent will absorb up to 12 times their dry weight. Their vast absorbent multipurpose filler and polypropylene fabric make them good for any kind of conditions.


- Clean and easy to use, avoids using brooms / shovels when cleaning.

- Their polypropylene fabric resists strong pH chemicals and all kind of oils, fuels, solvents, and aqueous salt solutions.

- The best product for leaks/drippings in small places where a broom /shovel can’t be used, or under machines with narrow spaces below.

- High absorption capacity allows you to contain more and better the spills.

- Light and practical to provide greater cleanliness and better aspect in your work areas.

- Easy to dispose of in landfills, or specially built confinements because they resist biodegradation or incineration as well because you get up to 12000 BTU’s per lb of absorbent when incinerated.


30 x 30 cm

Pillow, 12” x 12”, box with 25 pcs, ítem code GMT151

45 x 60 cm

Pillow-slab, 17.7” x 23.6”, box with 10 pcs, ítem code GMT155