Here you will find the answer to the most Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.).

 Where to buy absorbents?

Call toll free 01800-8399500 (Only Mexico) or +52 (83) 36-1245, extension 118 and we will give you data of our nearest Distributor to your location.

Do GREEN STUFF® absorbents resist corrosive liquids, with extreme pH such as acids and caustics?

Yes, they are compatible with aggressive chemicals, unlike others like sawdust, clay, rags, peat moss, paper, and other products of vegetal origin.

What do I do with the waste once I’ve cleaned a spill with GREEN STUFF®?

You must hire the services of a Waste Management company approved by the environmental authorities to haul and burn/landfill the waste as law enforces and so, comply with local environmental rules.

Regarding the green moss you sell, what size of bag you have?

Our GREEN STUFF® is NOT moss, is a plastic foam made of thousands of small porous cells that hold very tinny drops of liquid that will not leach, do NOT confuse it with moss. We have several bag sizes, call your Rep for info.

Do you have a OIL ONLY absorbent that floats on water?

Keep on following us!! Our OIL ONLY absorbent is coming soon to local market, it repels water and any water based salt solution.